Kyushu Denka Co., Ltd.

I send grightness of the plating from Kyushu,Fukuoka in Japan.

全国有数の受賞歴 厚生労働省職業能力開発局長賞2部門受賞

High quality and shortest delivery time, we accept from one-of-a-kind.

For the change that I have a lot of evaluation apparatuses and am apt to overlook with the human eyes on inspection,
I realize the high-quality shortest deadline by inspecting it with a number using the latest device well.

Our characteristic

Business Item

Galvanizing Zinc plating Nickelize
Nickel plating
Electroless nickel
Electroless nickel boron
Chromic plating Buff abrasion Silver plating Tin plating
Copper plating Through-hole copper plating
(printed circuit board)
Hard chromic plating Alumite (white, black, mat)
Triiron tetroxide Aluminum chromate Gold-plated brass plating Baked type clear painting
Zinc phosphate Manganese phosphate Electropolished stainless Acid washed stainless steel

Company Overview

Company name Kyushu denka co., ltd Founding May, 1960
(May, 1983 establishment)
President & CEO Koji Yoshimura Capital 10 million yen
Address 3-4-8, Sharyo, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi,
Fukuoka 812-0068 japan
Main business outline Surface-treat
Plottage 4,686㎡ The number of employees 94 (as of November, 2019)

Our technique and development

Surface treatment to ceramics compound material

We built advanced technology innovation centers separately from a plating factory to enable a study and the development of the the highest plating technology. I build the latest analyzer and the new technology development system by the development predecessor.

Surface-treated reflectance zero

Surface treatment to resin and composite material (CFRP, GFRP)

High-performance resin plating that can withstand extreme conditions

  • Strong resin plating that can withstand liquid hydrogen temperature (-423.4℉)
  • Guaranteed adhesion to GFRP CFRP (Epoxy resin)
  • Plating that flexibly follows the expansion and contraction of resin material
  • The outermost layer is a strong plating film that can withstand hard use
  • We have equipment that can handle 60cm (W-H-D) {250kg}

Resin (GFRP) plating with strong

  • Withstand extreme conditions

    From past results
    • Heat-resistant:+120℃~-253℃
    • Thermal shock resistance:+120℃→ -196℃
    • Vacuum resistance:>10^-3 (Pa)
    • Full plating specification(No loss of contacts)
    • Plating thickness guarantee
    • Technology applied to CFRP resin

Plating for large-scale product

Our company gives plating processing suitable for "copper plating" "gold plating" "galvanizing" processing and material, and gives a flexible response in the request of the customer quickly.

Copper plating

Golden plating



Service contents of the Kyushu denka

The various kinds of plating processing that we can respond to from microprocessing to a large product is possible on a short deadline. As it is the custom tailoring system meeting the request of the customer thoroughly, please consult.

Plating, surface treatment business

Technology development

Initiatives of company